Origin of Muscle Massager and its Powerful Effect

Muscle massager is designed to assist in accelerating blood flow, pain-relieving, and the myofascial release process. It is gaining increasing popularity among many, including but not limited to celebrities and athletes. One of the primary benefits of muscle massager (aka muscle gun) is, it inhibits delayed onset muscle soreness. It means that one is less likely to undergo muscle pain 24 to 72 hours following an intense workout.

Origin of Muscle Massager 

In 2008, Los Angeles based chiropractor Jason Werseland had invented the muscle massager. After a motorcycle accident, Werseland suffered from a herniated disc and back pain. Afterward, he developed muscle massager. This device was known as the TheraGun G1 professional muscle massager and was the flagship product behind the TheraGun Company. Since then, multiple companies emerge to release similar products, and the evolution of these devices has perpetuated to advance.

Here is How Muscle Massager Works

A muscle massager employs repetitious pressure on the body’s surface, transmitting pulses of pressure beneath into the muscle tissue. One can equate pressure that you would get from the kneading hands of a professional deep-tissue massage therapist to the repeated pulsations of pressure from a muscle massager. Due to deep muscle penetration, deep tissue massage is ideal for recovery following an intense workout.

One can conveniently select notably sore muscles and soften the stiff muscle tissue using a muscle massager. It works perfectly fine to pacify stiff tissues. Ultimately, it will have a soothing effect on the overworked and sore muscles. In today’s world, various professionals, including therapists, athletes, and chiropractors, are acquiring the benefits from muscle massagers. It helps to decrease pain, either for themselves or their patients, respectively.

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Throughout the muscles, the pulsations generate vibrations, which increase the blood flow in the selected area. These vibrations render added benefit in the increased range of motion and decreased delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Here is the Reason Why You Should Use a Muscle Massager

A muscle massager is not useful for only one single reason. Convincingly, it has multiple benefits, ranging from pain relief and injury rehabilitation to increased blood flow and stimulated nervous system.

It renders deep tissue massage, resulting in an increased rate of blood flow. Besides, it stimulates the nerve receptors capable of dilating blood vessels. Furthermore, it helps to maintain the homeostasis of the body and regulate the muscles’ activity.

Importantly, it is an effective form to speed up the rehabilitation process after an injury. It delivers vibrations deep into the muscle. These vibrations from the muscle massager improve blood and lymph circulation around the body. As a result, it helps produce more oxygen and nutrients into the muscles.

Final Remarks

Learning the benefits of muscle massager answers why it is gaining increasing popularity among many people. Also, a question goes, does a massager work better than going to a massage therapist? The short answer is — yes. The device reduces muscle pain quite faster compared to a massage therapist. Unlike massage therapy, muscle massager provides more efficient results than massage.