Massage gun: what it is and how to use it

Small muscle pains or contractures are common complaints in all women, regardless of the lifestyle adopted. It is not always easy to find the time to indulge in real session with a professional massager. Help can be given by the massage gun.

Massage gun: what it is and how to use it

The massage gun is the self-help alternative to professional massage sessions, but what exactly is it about?

Massage guns, also known as percussion guns, are electrical devices that allow us to perform massages on certain parts of the body through a particular mechanical movement. This tool then goes to tap the affected area with small close strokes, thus mimicking the movement of a massage. The massage gun can be used in different parts of the body thanks to the interchangeable heads: examples are neck, shoulders, back but also on the lower body area, such as legs and feet.

Massage gun: when to use it

A necessary clarification is that the use of this tool cannot replace a physiotherapy session and, therefore is not that correct remedy for serious ailments that would require the intervention of a specialist. The massage gun can be used more to relieve small muscle aches or forms of stiffening that bother us in our daily life. It is, therefore, a valid home remedy useful for, example for the classic stiffening of the neck and shoulders that are felt after hours of work sitting at the desk.

Another situation in which we can use the massage gun is before physical activity, to limit the risk of injury, and after the training session to improve muscle recovery.

Massage gun: how to choose it

If you can find many on the market, to choose the most suitable one you should know the basic characteristics and maybe take a peek at the reviews of those who have already purchased that model.

For the purchase, it is advisable to keep in mind:

  • Interchangeable heads: as a rule, each gun is equipped with a different head to massage the various areas of the body. It can therefore certainly be useful to check that the chosen model has a specific head for the area you would like to treat the most;
  • Speed: the massage guns on the market have motors at a different speed: the most powerful can deliver up to 3500 percussions per minute;
  • Battery life: generally the models on sale range from a duration of 3 hours to a maximum of 8 hours. Also depending on the use you will make of it, consider that the chosen gun allows you more cycles of use.
  • Other parameters to be evaluated such as silence but also the shape: it may be easier to perform the massage by opting for a light and easy to grip model.