How to Use Muscle Gun before and after Workout

Muscle gun is a powerful tool that provides the best method of recovery after a hard workout. Moreover, muscle massage guns become a trend now.
You can find it in every gym near you. From the past few years, massage guns are getting very popular because it can do everything from foam rollers to standard massage landing in gyms to vibration therapies.
So in this article, we will discuss how to use a muscle gun before and after a workout. In this article apart from this, I will also tell you what exactly a muscle gun is.
What is a Muscle Gun?
Before knowing how to use a muscle gun, you should first understand what exactly a muscle gun is.
Muscle guns or we can say a massage gun is a very new trend in the fitness industry. In the past, the foam rollers are very popular, and there is a high chance you might also use one.
But now the muscle guns have kickoff the outdated foam rollers. Once the muscle massager gets on, it targets the skin from one inch away and pulsates back and forth to relax the muscle and promote blood flow.
It works, in the same way, a foam roller works, but it is easier to use and also provide better results than foam rollers.
How to Use a Massage Gun or Muscle Gun
It is not difficult to use a muscle gun. Just point at the target after that switch on the gun and then let it do the whole work.
Moreover, to get more out of your massage, make sure that your gun float along with the desired muscle that you want to loosen or warm up.
If you find a knotty area of a muscle or a trigger point that is more painful and sensitive as compared to other tissue then linger on that area slowly.
How to use Before Workout
Massage gun is mainly used as a recovery tool, but you can also use it as a warm up tool. If you use it before a workout, then it will increase blood flow in your targeted muscles and get your body ready for any kind of hard activity.
Before workout aim at the muscle group which you are going to train at that time. If you are going to do squats, then massage your legs if you are going to do pushups then massage your hand and chest muscles. In this way, you can perform better at that particular task.
How to Use After Workout
When you complete your hard workout your body is in a high state, and you need to take it back to the normal state.
This is where the massage gun helps it relax your nervous system and boost your parasympathetic nervous system, which governs the rest and relaxation system of your body.
After some time, your body will get into the recovery mode. Use the muscle gun for 90 to 120 seconds at a particular muscle group, and you can fell that your muscle is relaxing.
Muscle guns are a great tool to use before and after the workout. If you use it before the workout then it will keep you energetic during the exercise, and if you use it after work, then it will help you in the body recovery process.
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