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An easy way to make hand made soap with silicone mold

Even though the mould of hand soap is various, it still can’t satisfy people’s desire to make their own mold. However, many people don’t know the concrete steps of making it. Today, Xiao Bian came to teach you how to make hand soap mold. If it is to buy mold to make hand soap, then […]

How to make silicone mold without basic knowledge

Abstract: silicone mold is a method of rapid tooling, production process is: preparing mold, mold frame production, fixed mother mould, weighing, mixing and curing agent of silica gel silica gel, silica gel, silica gel vacuum exhaust bubble perfusion, mold solidification, mold to complete pruning. Tools and materials: two-component silicone (silicone + curing agent), plastic, electronic, […]